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We are collecting poetry for our 2019 launch! Submit now to be among our debut poets!

We are a poet and an editor with a habit of finding paired chairs wherever we go. If you send us your poems, we’ll take them with us to our paired chairs. If we like them, we’ll publish them in our journal. If we don’t, we won’t.

Send your poetry submission as an attached word document to


-Include your name as you wish it to appear on the site, a brief  (three-sentence) bio, and a list of poem titles (or first lines/phrases in the case of untitled poems) in the body of your email.

-Do not include your name, bio, or any identifying information anywhere in the word document. Our decisions are based solely on the text of the poetry we receive and our own taste.

-Submissions of translated poetry are welcome, but the author and translator’s names and biographies, as well as the original language and the fact that the poetry is translated should also be confined to the body of your email. Our decisions on translated poetry are based solely on how well it works in English. Please also include a statement indicating that the author of the original has approved the submission.

-Simultaneous submissions are welcome, but we ask that you inform us promptly if all or part of your submission is accepted for publication elsewhere.

-We are only able to consider previously unpublished work.

-We are not currently able to pay the poets and translators we publish. We don’t (and never will) charge a submission fee.

-Two Chairs claims only first serialization rights. All other rights to work we publish remain with the author, but we do kindly request that our journal be acknowledged for publishing your work first in the event that it appears elsewhere.